Wrath Of The Caid, Book Two – Joe O’neill Has struck Gold in The Sand a Second Time!


Joe O’Neill

Published by Black Ship Publishing

The Book!

They’re back, the four friends from the adventure which started in “Rebels Of The Kasbah“. Tariq, Fez, Aseem and Margaret, find themselves scattered to the wind this time. Margaret returns back to England with her mother and brother after heroic escape from the Kasbah. There Margaret find returning to normal life a difficulty; adjusting to school and society after her adventures in Morocco, all without her father, becomes too much for her. Meanwhile Tariq, Aseem and Fez, slip away from the rebels to learn what the Caid is up to and how he can be stopped, with the adventure continues at an intensity that will leave the reader on the edge of the seat.

The Caid has decided to exact his revenge in a big way and enlists the help of Black Mamba and the French military to bring down those who defy him. As things heat up, Tariq finds himself separated from his friends and encounters Melbourne Jack, while Margaret gets shipped off to France. Will the four find a way to stop the evil Caid, and will the rebels survive their biggest battle yet.
The Review!

Can we get up and cheer for this one? This one lives up to the first novel in the series, and brings the original characters back and expand with new and delightful characters. From Melbourne Jack the treasure hunter and the assassin known as Black Mamba to Miss Cromwell, the tyrannical headmistress at Margaret’s school, O’Neill draws in new characters to round out the cast, and brings the adventure to life. This one begins where Rebels left off, as the four friends adjust to the aftermath of their escape from the Casbah. the writing is bold and maintains that “hero” feel that O’Neill created in Rebel’s.

This novel reminds me of the famous series written by J. K. Rowling, no…there are no wizards or broomsticks, but the battle of good versus evil continues in O’Neill’s writing and you can’t help but get caught up in this story, and would totally adapt to big screen. The four main characters have solid ethics and morals and put themselves in harms way to stand for what is right, in the face of danger. The evil Caid and his minion Black Mamba are an apt match to the rebels and while there is little to like about the reprehensible Caid, one does find a soft spot for Mamba, as his story unfolds and his relationship to the young Jawad develops.

Another favorite in this piece, are the antics of Margaret and new found friend Alice, as they try to fit in at a school that isn’t tolerant of Margaret’s new found rebel heart. This friendship forms when the following occurs, and is one of many feel good moments in this novel.

Without another thought, Margaret picked up her lunch and began racing after Hillie. Her lunch consisted of warm shepherd’s pie, milk and an apple crisp.
Hillie was only six feet behind Alice, with her milk jug raised in the air, about to pour it on Alice’s head when…
Margaret dumped her entire lunch on Hillie!
The shepherd’s pie landed on her head and the gravy covered her whole scalp. Milk dripped down the entire front of her face and body, and the apple crisp splattered all over her perfect school uniform.
There wasn’t a spot anywhere above her neck that wasn’t covered in gravy, chunks of lamb, apple crisp or farmer’s milk. Hillie looked as if she had gone bobbing for apples in a pig trough.

This novel is brilliant, and already has this reviewer wanting the third book in the series Legends of the Rif. It has everything you’d hope for in a second novel, and carries the original story forward while developing new aspects to the adventure, to keep your interest piqued all the way to the last page.

The Rating!

If you’ve read Rebel’s of The Kasbah, and feel in love with this tale from 1912 Morocco, then Wrath Of The Caid is a definite must have book. O’Neill, brings to life an adventure that has the bells and whistles you’d look for in a series of this nature. He captured my interest in book one, and book two has captivated my interest even more…so for the first time, I’m giving a “Captivated” rating!

The Cover!

The cover of this book follows the format of the first in the series, which is brilliant for those who collect books as they arrive out in print. Also extremely well fitting for the story inside. Excellent choice.

The Author – Joe O’Neill!

Joe O’Neill has a bachelors degree in International Business from Washington State Universitywith a major in creative writing. He is the founder and CEO of Waquis, and travels frequently to Southern Asia.  It was on a trip to Sri Lanka that O’Neill got the idea to write this novel and he says it was a story waiting to be told. Joe ONeill

Rebels Of The Kasbah – Book One In The Redhand Adventures





So unexpected in a good way!  

Rebels of the Kasbah is book one in a series by Joe O’Neill.  Jam packed with page turning adventure and characters you can get excited about, this is one you will want to  share with any young readers you have dashing about.  Toted as a YA novel (and it is), this one offers a well written story, with loads of swashbuckling (yes swashbuckling) adventure, desert mystery and strong characters with good values that draw you into the novel as their story comes to life.  If you’ve ever spent a summer afternoon as a kid playing pirates in the back yard with your friends, then this one is going to grab your interest.  It truly appeals to the young boy in all of us guys, and for sure to the tomboy in all of the ladies.  This is the story of four young people all from very different backgrounds, from orphan to well to do Brit, who are kidnapped and forced into slavery at the hands of the evil Caid, ruler of the Kasbah.  Set in Morocco 1912,  the story centers on our four brave heroes, Tariq, Aseem, Margaret and Fez, who decide to go after their freedom and plot their escape from the Kasbah.  



This one offers a well rounded out cast of characters to compliment our four young heroes, including a pirate with a heart, a British colonel, trying to come to grips with unpleasant discoveries, a young woman who fiercely protects those around her, and even the wicked Caid, who rules the Kasbah with an iron hand.  O’Neill does a top notch job of bringing 1912 Morocco to life in this adventure, and builds a story which while it works totally as a stand alone novel, also leaves the reader with a hunger for the second book.    The beauty in this is that it wraps up the main story elements, but leaves enough openings to roll into the second in the series.

For all you parents out there, the other upside to this book, is its one that you’d encourage your kid to read.  It reminds one of the classics like Treasure Island, Oliver Twist, and Aladdin while written in a language suitable for young readers of today.  It captures interest because it seems so rare to find books that tell an incredibly good story, and highlight young people with morals, values and ethics,  who while they struggle with obstacles in their path to freedom, do so with loyalty, strength of character and by working together toward a common goal.   Yup its one of those books that you hope your son or daughter would read and find heroes among its pages….and who couldn’t use a well written  hero or two? 

Rating:  Well I’m going to skip a rating on this, only because I’m going to strongly encourage you to read this regardless of age!  Why?  Because its an amazing story, with lots to ignite and keep your imagination throughout.  

It has left me asking a question however…

Why can’t Hollywood, find a Joe O’Neill and set him to work?   For me, I’d far sooner spend my 9.99$ movie money on a big screen version of this awesome gem of a book, then another re-branding of a strong man in tights! Just sayin! 😉

Ok…so go read it already..and then come back to tell me your thoughts!


The Author:  


Joe O’Neill has a bachelors degree in International Business from Washington State University with a major in creative writing. He is the founder and CEO of Waquis, and travels frequently to Southern Asia.  It was on a trip to Sri Lanka that O’Neill got the idea to write this novel and he says it was a story waiting to be told. 

Joe O'Neill