Birds Nobody Loves “A Book of Vultures & Grackles”

Birds Nobody Loves Cover

Birds Nobody Loves

A Book Of Vultures & Grackles

By James Brush

Published by Coyote Mercury Press

Austin, TX


Birds Nobody Loves is a beautiful collection of poems about two of the lesser talked about avian creatures, the Grackle and the Vulture.


This is not technically a review of this book.  I say that, because I’ve not in my lifetime read nearly enough poetry to be able to comment on whether or not its well written.  I can tell you that I did enjoy the poems and recommend both,  ‘While Sitting in Church’ and ‘In The Time of The Automobile’ as two of my personal favorites from the collection.  That said, poetry and the reading of it for me is a very personal and unique experience. Not every poem speaks to every reader.   However, when this book came into  my hands, I did want to share it with all the followers on I Be Readin!  This book is an interesting collection of James Brush’s poetry and illustrations.  The Subject?  Yes, you guessed it Vultures and Grackles.  Not your first choice of bird for a poem?  Mine either, however not being a bird lover (my apologies to all who find them beautiful, I never have!), I was very pleased to find that I could relate to and thoroughly enjoy some of these poems.   Brush’s book is a collection of twenty four poems, and each is unique in its message and form.

The collection is well laid out with all print and illustrations  including the cover in black and white.  It almost speaks to a contrast between the two birds.  The illustrations lend themselves nicely to the work, and make the book enjoyable to read.  The size of the piece allows it to be easily tucked into a laptop bag (I have tested this!) or into a briefcase or carry on, for reading on your way to work, or to tote along on vacation.

If you have chance to pick it up, I would say go for it.


As mentioned above, I’m by no means a poetry expert.  I think if you have opportunity to pick it up you should, and if you do…Please comment to let us know your  thoughts!


James Brush

 James Brush is a writer and high school English teacher, originally from Newport Rhode Island. He now resides in Austin TX with his wife.  He graduated from UT in 1993 and then returned to UT and earned an MA in screenwriting.  In 2003 he wrote and published a novel called  A Place without a Postcard.  He is currently working on a novel as yet unpublished called ‘A Short Time to Be There’.  If you would like to know more about James and Coyote Mercury Press please visit his site at

As always, please feel free to share any thoughts or comments!

Birds Nobody Loves is available on and James’ novel  ‘A Place Without a Postard’ is available on both Amazon and Chapters Indigo!