The Champion by Glen Robinson – Compelling battle against evil.

ChampionThe Champion

by Glen Robinson

Published 2013


“The greatest trick the Devil ever did was convincing the world that he didn’t exist” –Keyser Soze, The Usual Suspects


The Book

Harris Borden, felt that he wasn’t doing God’s work!   Sunday services, Church board meetings, deciding when to put in a water fountain, left him feeling empty and unfulfilled. So, he asked God to put him to work in the battle against evil….and God listened.

When Harris Borden  finished his prayer asking God to use him a larger way, out on the front line in the battle against evil,  he had no idea he would be visited by “The Messenger”!   An angel dressed as a young man, who tells him God has accepted his offer of help. He also tells him it will not be easy.   “The Messenger” leaves in a flash of light leaving Harris to begin on his own to discover what God has planned. His normal life quickly starts to unravel as Harris is forced to make massive sacrifices and take huge safety risks both for himself and those closest to him.  He is left questioning if he is willing to risk it all to do God’s work and to decide if he willing to make ultimate sacrifices to win the battle against the Demon Baal, and his followers.

The Champion shows us a battle in this world that many of us never see as we go about our daily lives, and raises the question to the reader, would you sacrifice all for your God and his work.

The Review

I have been wanting to pull this one from the pile for a while, it appeared to be thought provoking and distinct, and I’m thrilled to share that Robinson did not disappoint. This one opens with the Devil and three of his most trusted demons having a meeting…


Then it’s decided. In the end, we are just as mortal as man. But while God will save a few, we will corrupt and destroy the rest of them. That is the best way to hurt Him. While many worship what you represent, most will come to believe the existence of God is a myth.”

The woman spoke up “But if they think he is a myth, won’t they think you don’t exist either?”

The Chairman smiled broadly this time.


and then rolls ahead to Harris’ meeting with the angel known as “The Messenger”

“OK Messenger,” Harris said. “What’s the message you have from God for me?” He leaned back and cocked an eyebrow.

“What did you pray for?” the stranger asked. “No i’ll tell you what you prayed for. You asked God to be used in a bigger way. That request has been granted….

The novel really takes off at that point, and I appreciate Robinson’s pace and style of writing, as the story gets a clear message across to the reader, without feeling you are being delivered a sermon.

The surprising thing in this novel for this reader, was that you expect it to be a struggle of Good vs. Evil, which on the surface it is, however the larger conflict in this novel for me, was Harris’ struggle between God and himself. Allowing himself to trust fully in God and let go of his own thoughts, plans, tactics, and just to be lead fully by God. Its this struggle, (and yes there are times you are certain Harris will lose the battle) that captivates the reader.

Harris, journey takes him down a path where he loses nearly everything of importance to him, his wife, his church, his friends, and it seems he may even lose his faith, and must fight to continue to do good even when it looks as though God may have tossed him aside. His character grows so much throughout this novel that he’s not only physically not recognizable by the last few chapters, but he’s changed on a deeper level.

Not to give the novel away, this one has a superb climax, with all the bells and whistles you would want in a novel such as this.

The only heads up I will give, is that this one is part of a trilogy, which I didn’t catch until the end of the novel, so be warned that like most trilogy’s there are always a few loose ends to draw you into the second novel. That said, this one is a great read, very compelling and thought provoking and regardless of your personal beliefs it is one that will have you asking that question…what would I do?


Definitely one to pick up. I for one will be shopping come the weekend for book two The Heretic.
This one reads fast, so definitely a great choice for a quiet summer weekend away at the cottage.
If you pick up, shoot me a message back to let me know your thoughts.


Glen Robinson is a university professor and the author of both Christian Suspense and Science fiction. He lives in North Texas and “The Champion” is his 13th book in print. Some of his other works include If Tomorrow Comes and Infinity’s Reach. To learn more about Glen and his writing visit his blog at


Glen Robinson