After The War Is Over: A Novel – By Jennifer Robson

After the war

Loved this  one, and not sure how to describe it. Its a historical fiction, which I love, and also a romance in some measure which are usually not my cup of tea. However in this mix it works brilliantly. Robson, has done her homework, both of the time period and the people. Charlotte Brown, the main character is extremely well written and draws you into her story quickly. A young woman who is struggling to find her place in this changing post WWI world, torn between her belief in a life of service and the life she doesn’t feel she deserves.

Robson seems a stickler for detail, and it shows. Even small points like dates being accurate to the day of the week (Yes I checked Dec 27 1919 did indeed fall on a Saturday), and the inclusion of real life Historical figures such as Eleanor Rathbone give a solid base of realism to this wonderful journey back in forth through Charlotte’s story.

Thoroughly enjoyed the story, and found the author’s writing style, gave me enough detail to enjoy each chapter but left plenty of space for me to visualize these wonderfully written figures and locations.

If Hollywood still made stories such as these into movies, this one would be a beautiful choice.

Definitely recommend this one. Its good through to the end.

PS. This is a sequel to her earlier book “Somewhere in France” however reads perfectly well as a stand-alone…Yup I was down to 20 pages left when I discovered its part of a series, so no need to read the other…But I will!

The Author!

Jennifer Robson is the author of two novels – Somewhere In France, and After The War Is Over.  She studied at Oxford and holds a doctorate in British economic and social history, both of which shine in this novel.  She is the daughter of historian Stuart Robson, who also read and provided feedback on this novel.  Robson resides in Toronto Canada.

Jennifer Robson

Jumping Off Points!

* Eleanor Rathbone who figures in this novel is an actual historical figure, who’s presence in this novel adds to its believability and accuracy as a piece of historical fiction.  Johanna Alberti has written a non fiction piece called Women of Ideas – Eleanor Rathbone, if you are interested in reading more.

Eleanor Rathbone


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