Mid-August – Missed Reading

Hello all, 

Wow it’s been awhile!  Far too long.  

I apologize for being away, and not one review as of yet for 2014.  I had great hopes for more, however sometimes life just comes up and kicks you in the pants.  In December of last year, family matters pulled me away from my reading and my blog.  Not to worry I thought, I’ll pick it back up in the new year.  However, life decided to send me down a different path and I wound up trekking across our beautiful country by bus to Northern Alberta where a change in career and lifestyle have kept me busy for several months.  

But I missed this, and today I pulled out my eReader, charged it up, and wanting to get back at it. 

I have no clue if anyone follows this blog anymore…I haven’t looked yet.  But if you are here, and are still interested in what I have to say about books…I am here to say it will continue.  

I’m plowing through Sophie’s choice and also reading a Noble Smith novel that follows Sons of Zeus.  So stay tuned.  

I missed you!



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