End Of The Year Is Looming!! Planning for 2014!!

Sooo….December 31st is nearing, and I’m feeling less hopeful that I’ll reach my goal of 47 books in 2013.  Surprisingly, I’m ok with that.  Even if I stopped reading today, I’m 34 books closer to my bucket list goal of 500 books before I die.  Too this past year has seen me discover some amazing new authors, Joe O’Neill, Noble Smith, Ryan Schneider, and many others who’s book are now on my favourites list.   I’ve read about vampires, witches, mythical places, and have been caught up in spiritual pieces like “The Champion”.  Its been a good year in books.

So now I’m looking ahead to 2014.  I see many challenges out there on sites like GoodReads.com and I think, I’m up for one next year.  The one that has really caught my attention is the books by country, however a Google search enlightened me to the fact that on this planet there are currently 257 countries.  Somehow I’m thinking I can’t read 257 books next year.  Thats, a book every 34 hours.  lol.  But, maybe its the journey not the goal that’s important.  So, we’ll see.

What’s everyone else planning for 2014?


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