Savoured nearly every word of “The Witch’s Salvation” by Francesca Pelaccia

Witch Salvation

The Witch’s Salvation




Francesca Pelaccia

copyright 2013 – Self Published Work


The Book!

Every eighteen year old girl wants the perfect present on their birthday! Annie (Anasztasia) is no different and she wants the Fendi purse, knowing she cannot live without it. What she doesn’t want however, is to visit Romania and meet the Strigoaic. The Strigoaic, a 550 year old witch who cursed Anasztasia’s family (who happen to be immortal) and tossed them out of their beloved Wallachia five centuries ago. So why go meet a 550 year old witch? Well she may be the only hope of fixing the circumstances of Anasztasia’s birth. She’s mortal!! Her grandfather however plans to get her, her immortality, even if he has to deal with the witch to get it!

So off to Romania, where during the ball Annie is kidnapped by Matthias! Matthias, who’s family also happen to be immortal has made his own deal with the witch. Bring Annie to her, and she’ll let Matthias friend Austin back out of the mirror she’s trapped him in. Confused yet? Well, turns out that Matthias and Annie share a secret…he’s mortal too in a family of immortals. His family trapped in Wallachia, hers banned from setting foot there.

English: The castle of Vlad Tepes (Dracula), T...

English: The castle of Vlad Tepes (Dracula), Târgovişte, Romania. Română: Curtea domneasca din Targoviste (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Strigoaic has a plan, she wants to be free as badly as the Seneslau’s (Annie’s family) and the Barbat’s (Matthias clan) want out of the curse. So she offers them a deal. Go back in time and get the golden cup and bring it to her, and she will make them immortal. Or…they can get married and stay married which will break the curse.
The families take over and decide that getting married beats time travel. They begin to plan a wedding for these two not so star crossed lovers. But fate has a way of turning up, and the two find themselves in 1457 on one of the bloodiest days in Romanian history. Vlad III Tepes (yes you guessed it, the inspiration for Dracula) is set to massacre the nobles in the land, including Annie and Matthias great grandparents. Oh, did I mention he also has the golden cup, and they have 24 hours to make it back to their own time.

They set out on a race against the clock, and find that even 500 years ago in wild Wallachia, that there are friends to be had, and allies to help them on their quest. Will they save their families and gain their immortality, or suffer at the hands of Vlad III along with their long dead ancestors.

The Review!

Well, I vowed this year, no more books about Vlad Tepes or Dracula or anything related to the subject!  But this one crept in under the guise of being about witches, and I’m thrilled it did.  This one rolls Romeo & Juliet meets Dracula in with a good dose of Jules Verne time travelling.  Ok maybe not, but the story was definitely a fresh approach to this topic. The mix of historical fact, myth, and pure fiction to weave a story that captures you early, and keeps the interest through to the end.

Pelaccia’s use of the events of Easter 1457 in Wallachia, when Tepes massacred the local nobles who assisted in the death of his family (a bloody chapter in history, and ghoulish details are outlined in the book), serve as the historical reference point for this novel and gives an incredible backdrop for the tale. The families of Seneslau and Barbat are fictional but fit into this historical event, and once you let your mind slide over the time travel piece, it becomes a believable tale. The descriptions of the area are spot on, and the use of Targoviste and other actual locales lends to the readers ability to enjoy the tale as if its happening right before your eyes. The words “you are drawn into the story” is well suited to this piece.

Matthias, the renegade nature loving prince, and Anasztasia the urban modern princess make a perfect pair as the mortals in this story. Trapped and freed by the circumstances of their respective births, they have spent their lives put down by the immortals around them. Now they find themselves the hope for both families and the ultimate salvation for their respective clans. The young love blossoming between them will tweak the hearts of the romance lovers.  Guys don’t panic…An adequate amount of blood and gore will keep you reading!

The Rating!

Well lets see…Witches – that’s always a sell point for me! Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) – Yup! got me there too! and time travel – SOLD! Definitely one to enjoy!

Grab it already!


The Author!


Francesca Pelaccia

She’s Canadian!! Francesca grew up in Toronto Ontario and went to University of Toronto where she studied English literature. She has taught, been involved with corporate editing and publishing and also taught English as a second language.

She lives just outside Toronto with her family. And this reviewer danced a happy chair dance upon reading in her her bio…that there is a trilogy in the works. Keep eyes peeled for The Witch’s Monastery!

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