July 6th to July 15th. VACATION!!!!!

Escaping the City

Noooo this is not a review!

Sooooo last night, my computer had a meltdown, and I spent most of the night reformatting.  Now that I have finished that,  I am taking a week off from work (ok…so I had the week booked all along)  and heading to the country to visit family.  I’m toting along a big stack of books and my kobo as I plan to pick off some of these awesome books I’ve been getting from Goodreads.com.  I am not, however toting the computer with me.

You heard right!  I am going to let me desktop have a break for the next week, and I feel I need to unplug from the net for a few days!

I will be back next weekend and will share what I was able to read!

While I’m away, check out the awesome books reviewed on the site, and hit up the recommended July read and the Book Club Read.

Have an amazing week everyone.



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