One Armed Warrior – A Prequel to “Sons of Zeus” by Noble Smith

One Armed Warrior

  A Prequel to Son’s Of Zeus by Noble Smith!

Last evening Noble Smith graciously sent this brief prequel to his novel Son’s Of Zeus.  The year is 432 BC, in Palataea Greece, and if you know my love of Greek mythology, you know I would have been hooked right then and there

It’s here we encounter Nikias, young and hot headed, quick to speak without thought, and much to his dismay on the losing side of battle drills.  To add insult to injury he’s also been humiliated in front of his grandfather,  General Menesarkus, hero of the Persian Wars.  

In a heated moment Nikias makes the mistake of challenging a loudmouthed soldier named Axe and finds himself in what appears to be a no win situation, in front of not only his grandfather, but also the very beautiful Kallisto

“Swing your arse for us, Nikias,” Axe taunted, smirking.

Without thinking Nikias faced him and said in a loud voice, “I could beat the likes of you, Axe, with one arm tied behind my back.”

Axe’s eyes narrowed and the smile vanished from his face to be replaced by a livid scowl.

“Ho ho!” responded a chorus of the veteran warriors, glaring at the young pankrator. Nikias’s own friends exchanged frightened glances; the ones closest to him were already sidling away, trying to put as much distance between themselves and Nikias as possible.


“Grandfather, I—” Nikias began.

But the general cut him off, calling out over his shoulder, “Someone get me a coil of rope!”

Will Nikias defeat Axe? Will he restore his Grandfather’s pride, and what of the beautiful Kallisto?  In the few all to brief pages of this prequel, Smith raises these questions and even more, leaving the reader very anxious for the full novel.  

Based on this prequel Son’s of Zeus is now on my summer to be read list.  It should be on yours as well!

As always, if you have opportunity to read this prequel or the novel Son’s of Zeus, please drop back by and share your thoughts!

To learn more about Son’s of Zeus and the Warrior Trilogy please visit:

 Happy Readin!


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