Eye Candy by Ryan Schneider

Eye Candy - Ryan Schneider

Eye Candy

By Ryan Schneider

2013 Available at http://www.amazon.com

The year is 2048, and it looks as though we “the humans” have more than survived the first half of the 21st century! Some things have changed, we’ve cleaned up the air in Los Angeles. Said our goodbyes to fossil fuels. Created orbiting hotels. And we’ve even built robots of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Sounds like an ideal place, and on the surface it is just that…BUT…things aren’t always what they appear. Human’s continue to struggle. You guessed it, leave it to humans to create something that will help them survive and make life easier, and turn around to be both jealous and afraid of their creation. The robots, after many years of service, have developed feelings, are falling in love, and wanting to make their own decisions, and when that happens we turn on them. Anti-robot groups pushing for the termination of this creation start to pop up, and even presidential candidate Les Grossman runs on a campaign against the bots.

We meet Daniel Olivaw, robotocist, author, inventor, pilot. He’s got it all, looks, brains, owns his home, has his own jet, good friends, all he needs is that one special lady, and he really would have it all. Luckily for Danny in 2048 internet dating is alive and well, and fortunately for Danny, it seems men and women are turning out to be better than their online profile; Danny meets Candy for a blind date, and the two fall hard for each other. And why not? Candy, is a hot blonde, robotic psychologist, who is a perfect match to Danny, right down to their choice of clothes. All is well with the world until the 2nd date where a shuttle accident nearly kills them both along with Howard, a top of the line robot who belongs to Danny’s screenwriting roommate Floyd.

In spite of the shuttle nearly blowing up, the two continue to date and Danny finds himself hopelessly falling in love with Candy. In spite of the raised eyebrows and odd glances from his friends, Danny decides it’s the right time to ask Candy the biggest question of his life. But will he? Or is the shuttle explosion, the first in a string of events that  might change the world, and Danny with it?



The novel takes its time in building the story, and for the first eighty pages or so its not readily clear where the author plans to take us. Its at this point some readers would be tempted to put this one down, however I encourage you to keep going forward. For its within those first pages where you will also find those passages like the one below, that make you stop and take a second look at what’s being said. These are what makes one curious about the author’s take on the world, and it is for that curiosity that one should continue.

“You said something very interesting a moment ago,” said Floyd. “That bit about her being a better version of you. That’s why we refer to the people we love as ‘our better half’. Plato tells us that mankind once sought to be like the gods, so Zeus sliced all mortals into two, such that they would spend the rest of their lives searching for their other half, and when they find their other half, they experience love. It is this longing which compels us to search for the other half of ourselves” – Eye Candy by Ryan Schneider 2013

Midway into the novel the story does pick up the needed speed, and while it is a science fiction piece, it is also a human story, asking those questions that we all pose in one form or another throughout life. Is there a God? Do I have a soul? Do I have free will? Schneider’s ability to raise these questions worked well as they were being posed about robots and in some cases by robots; even as they make the reader ask those questions about humanity as a whole.

Schneider who holds a private pilot’s license, has a love of planes and aviation and this shows clearly in the books several flight sequences, and gives the realism to those passages that can only be achieved by having some first hand knowledge of the subject matter. Yes, guys! There’s definitely an adequate amount of action and high flying scenes to hold your interest. This one winds up having something for everyone, there’s romance, mystery, action, and the all too lovable (and some not so lovable robots) for the Sheldon Cooper in all of us.
This novel focused on human’s treatment of robots, and mirrors many of the questions raised on how the human race has treated other minorities throughout history. This book seemed to ask “who we want to be as a civilization going into the future as our technology outgrows us? Too, how will we treat that technology when and if the day comes and it turns to us and says “I won’t because I don’t want to”.




YES! The cover suited the story, and the characters. A-plus to the artist, as he pulled in actual elements from the book when creating the piece. Also I’d like to add that the title was also an excellent choice and fits well with the story. (I’d tell you why, but far better for you to read and find that yourself!)



I’m giving this one a  – Worth reading!

Being the first of Schneider’s novels I’ve read, I was pleased with the overall book.  The first 80-100 pages were slow going in places for me, and in particular some pieces like the jay-walking friend left me questioning why the author put it in the finished piece. However the second half sold it to me. It had a good mix of action and adventure while moving the story of Danny and Candy along nicely. If you are a science fiction lover I’d definitely grab this one from Amazon and see what you think. If you do, please leave comments here because I’m always curious, if I was on track or not.



Ryan Schneider resides in Palm Springs CA, with his wife Taliya. He holds a BA in English Literature from the University of the Pacific, and also studied screenwriting at UCLA. After deciding show business was not for him, Ryan returned to writing in 2004, and has since self published several pieces. The first of these The Pillow Book, a collection of short stories Schneider penned was used as his first foray into the self publishing business and he has not looked back

Eye Candy, is book 6 in The Go-Kids series, and is available on Amazon.com

If you want to see more of Ryan Schneider please check out

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4 thoughts on “Eye Candy by Ryan Schneider

  1. Hi All! I have made a correction to the review with regards to the rating. Sometimes when writing a review, you struggle a bit as you want to be sure you covered everything that a reader might want to know about when heading into the book. That said, sometimes on a second read through you decide that a comment made regarding the book may not be the best choice of words, or the most important to expressing how you felt about the book. So with my apologies I have edited the content here to ensure it is as accurate and fair as I would like it to be.

    Great day all!


  2. Thank you, Scott, for your time and energy in reading EYE CANDY, and for writing such an in-depth review. I hope your readers enjoy the novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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