E-Ink vs LCD

Here’s the question of the day folks!


You are sitting down to enjoy your favorite almost 1000 page novel.  Being a techie like me (ok, so you read on a device instead of paper – my sister claims that makes you a techie) are you reading on an e-ink reader or one of the many LCD devices going?  Tell us which and why?

ereader or LCD


Curious to see where you all land on this!


Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “E-Ink vs LCD

  1. Well – I have both a keyboard kindle and a kindle fire. The only time I really read on my Fire is when I’m lazy and my other is out of reach – or when it’s dark. Personally I prefer the unlit version of e-Ink …but I don’t know how the illuminated version in the Paperwhite is. I’d be interested to know…

  2. Magazines on my NookColor and maybe short books if there’s no other option. Books on my old-school, 1st generation Nook that I love. (Travelling is so much easier now that I don’t have to pack 5 books to cover every mood swing I might have.)

  3. A real book is always my first choice for everything, always. Next I’ll take the E-link of my dark-ages kindle. I have the LCD screen available but only use it if I want to read at night when all the lights are out. I carry both when travelling but I also carry a couple books when on the road. I’m not hesitatant to pass off the books I’ve completed and simply purchse another. I hope I never meet the day when I have to make the choice and only e-books are available.

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